Colombian Coffee Beans | Medium Roast

Colombian Coffee Beans | Medium Roast

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    Medium roast

    100% Arabica (Castillo Variedad Colombia)

    Notes: Almond, sugar cane and dry fruit

    Process: Hand-picked, washed and sun-dried

    Origin: Single Estate – Finca La Guaira. Caldas, Colombia


    A supreme coffee with nutty, sweet and fruity tones, balanced by a pleasant acidity. A delicious mild coffee when enjoyed filtered or sweet and fresh as an espresso.


    This coffee is hand-picked, washed, fermented for no less than 12 hours, and sun-dried to enrich the flavours of the red berry and naturally balance its humidity. Roasted in small batches, after roasted best beans are selected by hand.


    This coffee can’t get any closer to our hearts, it comes directly from one of No Waste Jose's founders family coffee farms, ‘La Guaira’. It’s grown in the heart of the coffee region in Colombia, at 1750m. An area with infinite green landscapes, volcanic mountains full of coffee that follow one another in the middle of the Andes. We are incredibly excited to be able to offer this coffee that comes directly from the producer, roasted by Moltoscafe, with no intermediaries, ensuring less packaging along the way.


    Are you wondering why we don’t grind our coffee? Wholebeans ensure you receive a much higher quality coffee, ensuring freshness and best taste. Make a ritual out of preparing your coffee, we invite you to grind your roasted beans as of when you want to drink it, this will give you the best taste.


    Fresh air is coffees greatest enemy. Keep your coffee stored airtight container, away from light. We recommend refrigeration for freshness.


    Up to 12 months when stored as above. See best before date in packaging.



    Simply grind the coffee beans and use for coffee machine, moka pot, cafetiere, or filter coffee machine.

    One heaped dessert spoon (15g) per 250ml cup.

    Use filtered water to ensure better taste. For cafetiere: Water just off the boil (92°).


    100% Arabica (Castillo Variedad Colombia)

    Supremo quality - Single origin


    Be aware of the use of glass containers in wet areas. To avoid hazards we recommend to decanter your products in your own reusable containers when possible. It will also help you keep the glass bottles in circulation for your next refill.


    Keep products away from children reach.

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