We currently deliver to W3, W4, W6, W11, W12, and part of W2, W8, W10, and W14.

If you're close to these areas contact us, because we may be able to deliver to you.

Free delivery for orders over £40

(Standard delivery charge £3). 


Tuesdays from 9 am to 3 pm: Place your order before Monday noon to make Tuesday delivery/pick up day. 

Fridays from 9 am to 3 pm: Place your order before Thursday noon to make Friday delivery/pick up day. 

Are you using your own bottles for the refill? Same days apply for own container's pick-up. After the refill is done, and payment has been completed, we will deliver your refilled containers on the next delivery day. For instance, if we pick up your containers on a Tuesday and your payment is completed before Thursday noon, we will deliver on Friday. 


Day before delivery: You will receive an email confirmation of delivery/own container pick-up the evening before.

Day of delivery: You will receive an SMS with an estimated time of delivery (1 to 2-hour window). 


If you're not going to be in and want us to leave your products outside, please let us know, and don't forget to leave your empties outside. 


Are you refilling NWJ glass bottles? Leave your empties at your doorstep. We will leave your refills, and take the used ones to clean and reuse for another refill.

Are you using your own bottles? Please remember to clean your bottles, label them with the name of the product you want to refill, and leave them at your doorstep for pick-up. We will invoice you after the refill is complete, remember that you pay by weight. Please make sure your own containers can hold more than the maximum amount we sell in NWJ containers. If your refill weight comes to less, we will notify you and offer delivery of the product in NWJ containers instead.

Return Policy:

For any undamaged product (unopened and in the same condition as received), simply return it within 14 days of the date you receive the product, and we will exchange it or offer a refund based upon the original payment method. In addition, please note the following: (i) No Waste Jose LTD. has the right to decline a refund of the product if the item is not received in perfect conditions and cannot be resold, and (ii) Any fees associated with the cost of returning an item to No Waste Jose Ltd. will be covered by you.

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