Hello there! I guess you want to know a bit about us. 


We're two friends that dream of a better future for us, our children, and the planet. In our quest to become more sustainable in our own homes, we found that zero-waste shopping wasn't easy or convenient. Usually, you have to travel to sustainable shops with heavy containers, or if ordering online you will still be receiving packaged goods that produce waste. We decided that we wanted to do our part and make real zero-waste shopping more accessible with as little waste as possible, encouraging reuse at our core. 


We don’t want to be delivering just any refillable goods; hence we ensure that the goods we sell are coming from suppliers that have circular systems, use recyclable material, support fair-trade, and are full of goodness! ​Gladly we've found the perfect partners and have lovely products to offer – take a look at our products.

We invite you to do your part too! Order your refill now and we'll deliver straight to your door, as simple as that. We can’t wait to meet you and start your zero-waste journey with us. 

With love, 

Juliana & Marcela ('No Waste Jose' Power Team)